Personality Driven Leadership

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Type 9

Why get upset about something you can't change? 

Main theme

The Peacemaker (Riso/Hudson)
The Mediator (Palmer)
The Preservationist

  • Forgets self, merges with others in order to gain love and belonging
  • Avoids conflict in an effort to sidestep the pain of loss and separation
  • Seeks harmony/balance; leads to a loss of personal boundaries/priorities

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 3, The Achiever

-When 9 goes to 3, they learn to feel special and important
-Gets in touch with their passion, claims their heart's desire
-Feel secure enough to display/stand behind accomplishments
-Is able to take powerful action in the world; goal-oriented
-Adopts a positive self-view; is more assertive and decisive


Stress Point: 6, The Loyalist

-When 9 goes to 6, reactivity and worry replaces passivity
-Goes to self doubt; feels a sense of frozenness/paralysis
-Seeks security in external structures that appear solid/safe
-Result of having to make decisions, or handling change/loss
-Becomes suspicious; anxiety intensifies; is more pessimistic


How to get along with me...

  • Don't pressure me, I need my time and space
  • Ask me my opinion before offering yours
  • Remember that small conflict feels big to me
  • Raised voices/angry gestures overwhelm me
  • Include me, tell me why you want me there
  • Open-ended questions are generally best
  • Take an interest in my needs/life philosophy
  • Avoid acting pretentious or condescending
  • Suggest an activity when I've lost my inertia
  • Be willing to sometimes veg-out with me

At Work:

  • Assets – Grounded, balanced & even-keeled
  • Able to step back and gain clear perspective
  • Good communicators, cooperative, open
  • Can work well with all sorts of individuals
  • Merges diverse interests, finds commonality
  • Challenges - State clearly what you want
  • Establish personal positions; define your role
  • Avoid "going with the flow" to avoid conflict
  • Learn to fight/stay firm; don't settle for less
  • Stay focused on priorities; avoid distraction

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