Personality Driven Leadership

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Type 6

Who cares if the glass if half empty or half full, it will break anyway!

Main theme

The Loyalist (Riso/Hudson)
The Devil's Advocate (Palmer)
The Questioner

  • Two styles of 6’s: counter-phobic & phobic.  To avoid danger, the
  • “counter-phobic” six deals with excess fear by going up against it (fight
  • response) while the “phobic” six gives into the fear (freeze response).
  • The world is a dangerous/scary place so safety is the main focus
  • Uses perception and intellect as a way to understand the world
  • Scanning/assessing to determine if others are friendly or hostile
  • May procrastinate/be chronically ambivalent ("analysis paralysis")

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 9, The Peacemaker

-When 6 goes to 9, they become more trusting and flexible
-They can see all sides, not just the dangerous/negative ones
-Are able to be more supportive and less suspicious of others
-Learns to relax; can stop "waiting for the other shoe to drop"
-Trusts their gut instead of endlessly reviewing mental scenarios


Stress Point: 3, The Achiever

-When 6 goes to 3, they become driven to produce/achieve
-Anxiety increases, possibly reaching a state of panic and terror
-Emphasis goes to work/income or rigidly performing a role
-Frantic attempts to gather resources that insure survival
-May tell lies, or deceive; tries to appear competent/efficient


How to get along with me...

  • Never abuse your power; demonstrate loyalty
  • Gently redirect me to find my own authority
  • I like to laugh and feel funny, get silly with me
  • Show warmth; validate, don't judge my anxiety
  • Show me you are predictable and consistent
  • Balanced feedback - “strike when iron is cold”
  • Reassure me we are OK; I'm probably unsure
  • Don't get caught up in my catastrophizing
  • Don't interrupt me, I get defensive quickly
  • Be direct, otherwise I'll project my insecurity

At Work:

  • Assets - Thoughtful, very loyal; productive
  • Able to analyze a problem/see ramifications
  • Able to hold awareness of a variety of issues
  • Especially attuned to potential problem areas
  • Precise in attention, clear in communication
  • Excels at creating/insuring structure/safety
  • Challenges - Reduce/limit problem searching
  • Find ways to trust yourself/others; take risks
  • Incorporate a new vision for what is possible
  • Share concerns/fears and invite collaboration
  • When you’re uncertain/projecting, just ask

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