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Motivation is the silent force in our lives which moves us to change and grow.

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Since 2013 I have worked with businesses and organizations to create systemic changes that empower them to bring their vision to the world. I use various modalities to create personalized individual and team strategies for transformation. I draw from a number of models, with an expertise in The Enneagram.

I created EnneaApp, a mobile Enneagram application that has helped over 1 million people build awareness on their type, study the enneagram, and to use that knowledge to bring change into their worlds. I’ll show you how this tool can transform your group or organization.


Content and theory with definition and explanation

Experiential enhancement through demonstration/exercises

Team building via strategic collaboration

Groups discussion with question & answer




Effective Communication – Developing self-responsibility.

Relationship skills – Connecting and collaborating with the team.

Congruence – Aligning your system with your mission.

Interdependence – Building synergy from key differences.

Growth Path – Establishing direction and preventing burnout.

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Elan BenAmi is a Licensed Professional Counselor with an MA in counseling psychology and a BA in philosophy. Alongside his work as a therapist he is an educator and consultant. He is the creator of EnneaApp, a complete mobile enneagram reference system, which has allowed him to share his passion for the Enneagram through workshops, webinars and speaking engagements. He has a love for both personal development and organizational transformation. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and beloved pets.

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