Personality Driven Leadership

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching involves honing in on specific areas for development, creating measurable objectives and establishing follow up procedures that evaluate the progress made. My work as a coach empowers you to take responsibility for creating the life you want to live. We explore thought patterns, behaviors and family-of-origin issues only in so far as they directly relate to your goals and desired outcomes.

Knowledge of the Enneagram helps to give context to the work, and map out concrete steps towards growth. For those interested in using the Enneagram professionally, I can help cultivate a working understanding of the system and its transformative potential for individuals, groups, and organizations.

  • Work with instead of against your personality strategy
  • Get unstuck by uncovering the true obstacles to change
  • Build strong and collaborative leadership relationships¬†
  • Manage stress effectively; prioritize self care into success¬†
  • Live with intention; commit to your highest values
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