Personality Driven Leadership

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Type 8

My way or the highway.

Main theme

The Challenger(Riso/Hudson)
The Boss (Palmer)
The Leader

  • Asserts control over self/environment; powerful, lives with "gusto"
  • This strategy leads to excessive conflict and disrupted relationships
  • Comes from a core belief that it is unsafe to be weak and vulnerable
  • Believes that without strength and control, others will take advantage

Heart - Stress

Heart Point: 2, The Helper

-When 8 goes to 2, they become "softer" and more giving
-Become passionate about and attentive to others; caring
-Learns to value other's beliefs and see others as equals
-Exposes tenderness/vulnerability; emotionally expressive
-Inner child feels safe and finally gets to come out and play


Stress Point: 5, The Investigator

-When 8 goes to 5, they withdraw, clam up, and isolate
-Gets more emotionally distant, less expressive; is secretive
-Loses grounded earthy sense, detaches from vitality
-Retreats to strategize/reassess; may become bitter/jaded
-Self care falls by the wayside; energy invested in projects


How to get along with me..

  • Remember I have a very soft/sensitive interior
  • Stand strong in conflict, don't cower to me
  • Don't waffle, or whine; don't flake on me
  • Don't lie - I can sense deceit from a mile away
  • Don't "air our dirty laundry" or betray my trust
  • Have my back and protect me as I would you
  • Injustice drives me nuts; show me your integrity
  • When I'm vulnerable, remind me it’s not weak
  • My anger isn't as big a deal to me as it is to you
  • Help me feel in control; expect to be tested

At Work:

  • Assets - Clear, straight-shooting leadership
  • Brings a place to life; can be very generous
  • Able to see the big picture, is a visionary
  • Can confront obstacles/engage roadblocks
  • Takes care of and stands up for their own
  • Challenges - Lean into interdependence
  • Learn to ask for support when you need it
  • Learn to negotiate; drop threats/ultimatums
  • Contain anger/rage and impatient reactions
  • Accept different work/communication styles

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