Personality Driven Leadership

Find Your Type

This short survey of your characteristics or tendencies will give you a starting place for discovering your Enneagram type. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

While all nine archetypal patterns are within you, our bias is that you have only one main 'Enneatype'. In discovering your 'primary lens' you identify your core personality structure and map out a clear growth path. Like all questionnaires, its accuracy is dependent on your perception of the questions, how well you know yourself, and the clarity with which you answer.

Enneagram questionnaires may produce different results depending on your current mood and how you interpret the questions. As well, the answers are limited to a binary response (mostly true or mostly false). As such, this test is designed to point you towards your top three most likely types.

Please note, the Enneagram screening is randomized in order to help improve accuracy; each time you take the test, the order the questions appear in will be different. That said, the ONLY way to really know your personality type is to learn about all nine strategies and then reflect on what, for you, truly motivates behavior.

Proceed to the assessment after checking these boxes:

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