Personality Driven Leadership

Find Your Type

This short survey of your characteristics or tendencies will give you a starting place for discovering your Enneagram type. It is not a "test" or evaluation of ability or mental health.  It is only a raw indicator of your basic personality. Like all questionnaires, its accuracy is dependent on your perception of the question, how well you know yourself, and the clarity with which you answer. Your results will be most productive if you:
• are as objective and honest with yourself as possible,
• don't over-analyze the questions or your responses, and
• answer as you have been most of your life.

For each statement, choose the answer that is "mostly TRUE" or "mostly FALSE" as it applies to your behavior, preference, motivation, or personal style.
Note : This test will provide you with your top three most likely enneatypes. To identify your enneatype, navigate into those types pages and read more about them.
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