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Enneagram Lookalikes

Wednesday, November 29

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enneagram lookalikes

While there are common characteristics displayed by each enneatype, behavior is not a reliable means of assessing type. Typing yourself correctly, and understanding other types more deeply, depends on turning attention to the basic motivation of the nine types. A variety of internal and external influences lead to 'lookalikes'. As such, in this webinar, we will explore the following:

  • How each types' motivation is connected to surviving and thriving
  • How to identify primary motivation amongst competing strategies
  • How to identify different motivations in similar behavioral patterns & attitudes
  • How personal/familial/social/cultural values influence the expression of personality

*The course is FREE IF YOU ATTEND LIVE. If you would like to access the recording, there is a requested donation ($1 - $5), which goes towards the cost of the webinar software and other expenses incurred in creating the course.

Facilitator: Elan BenAmi, MA, LPC

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, 5-6:15p PT (6-7:15 MT, 7-8:15 CT, 8-9:15p ET)

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